An EXCLUSIVE with Megan McConnell

As many of you may have noticed, Megan has been posting on twitter about a new man in her life.  She is currently dating Kegan.  They both had math class together and met there.  She tells Celebrity Radar that she is very conscious about how boys treat her.

“Luckily Kegan is the exact opposite of Nathan and treats me like a princess.”  While the future holds many things for Megan and Blake, she hasn’t ruled out getting married again.  In fact, she says that in the future she would like to get married, but will be very hesitant and does not want it to end in divorce.


When Celebrity Radar asked her if there was anything about the way MTV edited her episode, she said yes.  She felt as though MTV made her look extremely immature, and that they chose not to show a lot of the important moments that were filmed.  Instead, they chose the bad things to show.


A Danielle Cunningham EXCLUSIVE.

Danielle told Celebrity Radar on twitter that her and Jamie are no longer together due to the fact that he can’t remain faithful to her.  She says that they are on okay terms, and that he is a good father.  While she may be on semi-good terms with Jamie, she is no longer on good terms with her mother.  Danielle says that they do not talk and she has no plans of talking to her.

Baby Jamie has been back in the care of his mother for two months now, and she is very proud of that.  She’s supporting Jr. by working as a salesman for visalus and also waitresses at a restaurant.As for her education, Danielle says that she passed her practice GED test and plans to get her GED on June 26th.  She also has big plans to begin a four year radiology program!

Sounds like Danielle has her life on track!

Pride over pity?

Well not everyone takes the high road.  While, Kailyn was simply sharing a story with celebrity radar and her fans, Heather Clouse was singing a different tune.



Kail tweeted saying, “Heather got the tattoo after I got mine.”

A Kailyn Lowry Exclusive

Kail is getting her Pride Over Pity tattoo removed.
She originally had gotten it because it is the title of the book she plans on releasing one day, BUT she says “I love the meaning behind it, being that I’m titling my book Pride Over Pity BUT the TATTOO was impulse and I don’t like the positioning of it. Also, there are other people who have since gotten the tattoo which caused it to have less meaning to me”. The process is going to take several appointments, and so far she has only completed one, She also said this “I love tattoos, but I’ve learned that getting a tattoo based off of an impulse is not a smart idea. While I am in the process of adding more tattoos, they are carefully thought out, and I am sure I DO want them.”  If you are on the fence about a tattoo, try henna(which stays on long enough for you to decide if you like it) before making the jump to permanent ink. Even though tattoo removal sessions last only mere seconds, they can be expensive and they HURT(it varies based on size and color).
This is straight from her friend Toni. You heard it here FIRST 🙂


Video of the Year: Carrie Underwood – Good Girl
Male Video: Luke Bryan – I don’t want this night to end
Female Video: Miranda Lambert – Over you
Group Video: Lady Antebellum – We owned the night
Duo Video: Thompson Square – I got you
USA Weekend Breakthrough Video: Scotty McCreery – The trouble with girls
Collaborative Video: Braid Paisley & Carrie Underwood – Remind me
CMT Performance of the Year: Jason Aldean – Tattoos on this town

Who is a newly single momma?

Many fans were wondering what exactly was going on between Lindsay
Harrison and Forest when they saw a tweet from her that said “How
could you leave me locked out when you know I have work? & you don’t
even come home to watch your daughter? Smh…”  While Lindsay is
rightfully keeping any explanation private, she does let her followers
know that she is now “a single momma.”

Kristina Head

After the filming of Kristina’s 16 & Pregnant episode, Todd’s mother began speaking publicly on Facebook about her son’s death and Kristina’s new relationship.  She discussed with Starcasm the pain she’d been going through, and how she felt that Kristina was keeping her grandson away from her.

“I found out about her seeing someone in a store in our town, then my oldest son and his wife came and told me. Kristina had changed her number and I feel that I got to see my grandson only for MTV and my son and daughter in law. I have only see Lil Todd #2 [Lukas Todd] four times. She is trying to keep the baby from all of us, and it isn’t fair.”

The hard feelings that Todd’s mother felt were even public in February.  In a comment in response to another status, she posted “They were so determined about that trip and I believe that none of them in that family intended to bring my baby boy home, it was said by some that they were goin take the baby, my son toldem “OVER HIM DEAD BODY” and they killed him, and it dont botherem@all.”

Todd’s mother even told Starcams that Kristina stopped her from going to the reunion show with Dr. Drew and that she can’t stop her from loving lil todd #2.

After everything Kristina went through, she is once again happy.  She recently married TJ Head who is the father of a six year old boy.  Lukas is happy, and growing like any boy his age.  He’s even trying to stand!

Blame MTV for the addiction!

I can’t and won’t even take any credit for this.  Starcasm posted an article stating that Amber Portwood’s attorny said when she was flown to California to meet with MTV producers there were drugs readily available and that the cast members all partied together.  Also, that she originally started trying drugs when she was 12 or 13.  The article said that she had been sober for a little over two months, and then she had to have gallbladder surgery and was prescribed hydrocodone.  Aka, the drug she was addicted to.  Because of this she relapsed.

If you or anybody you know is addicted to drugs, get help.  However, it is often said that an addict will not be sober until they are ready and want to be.  That’s why a lot of time court mandated rehab programs end in failure, the addict is forced to be sober.

My favorite girl is engaged

Happy engagement to Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.  He proposed to her on Thursday with a romantic ring that has a 3.5 carat ring.  Not only is the diamond huge, but it is a hand cut diamond from the last 1800’s.  I don’t even want to know what much this Neil Lane ring cost.

A sigh of relief

While the Brown’s from “Sister Wives” have their new season currently airing, it’s next season that may be interesting.  This past Thursday all of their charges in Utah were dropped!  Will they return to Utah, or will they stay in Las Vegas?  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see..